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This list contains conferences managed by ICMS starting with 2008.
Conferences that have been using earlier versions of ICMS (from 2005-2007) are not available in this overview.

Acronym Title Name Place Dates Link
OCCE2018Empowering the Learners for Life in the Digital AgeLinz, Austria 25.6.2018 - 28.6.2018go to conference page
WCCE2013WCCE 2013, Torun10 th World Conference on Computers in Education 2013Torun, Poland 2.7.2013 - 5.7.2013go to conference page
AECRICT 2012Manchester 2012: AECRICTAddressing educational challenges: the role of ICTManchester Metropolitan University, UK
All Saints Campus, Manchester 
2.7.2012 - 5.7.2012go to conference page
TestingTesting 10.6.2010 - 11.6.2010go to conference page
WCCE2009WCCE 2009 - Education and Technology for a Better WorldBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul
Bento Gonçalves 
27.7.2009 - 31.7.2009go to conference page
EXE09EXE09Austria 19.2.2009 - 19.2.2009go to conference page
IPROF-09ICT Professionalism 2009Working Conference ICT Professionalism 2009: a Global ChallengeHAN University, Faculty of Informatics and Communication
Arnhem, The Netherlands 
12.2.2009 - 15.2.2009go to conference page
ED-L2LED-L2L in WCC2008Milan, Italy 7.9.2008 - 10.9.2008go to conference page
LYICT2008LYICT 2008ICT and Learning for the Net Generation - LYICT 2008Open University Malaysia 7.7.2008 - 10.7.2008go to conference page
VIASL 2008IFIP WG 3.5: PragueValuing individual and shared learning: the role of ICTCharles University
Prague, Czech Republic 
23.6.2008 - 26.6.2008go to conference page
DEMODemonstrationConference for Demonstration PurposesLinz, Austria 1.1.2008 - 2.1.2008go to conference page