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FP: Full Paper Session
Full Paper session includes 3 papers: 90 minutes
SP: Short Paper Session
Short paper session includes 5 papers in 90 minutes
Dem: Demonstration Session
Demonstration session includes 3 demonstrations in 90 minutes
Sym: Symposium Sessions
Symposium sessions are three linked 60 minutes sessions: 180 minutes
PO: Poster Session
Posters: 1-3 pages wallpaper or a short digital presentation. For display and contacts/information at given time, place
ICS: Interactive collaborative sessions
Moderators (2-3 in group) Live blogs TV-show style presentation, programme leader(s) and audience: 60 minutes
WS: Workshop
Workshop announced goal, content and method: 60 minutes
PN: Panel Session
KL: Keynote Lecture
TC: Teacher's Course
Teacher's Course - 12h.
MWS: MEC / NASA's Workshop
LAD: Latin-American Day