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ICS: Interactive collaborative sessions
Group signing on (2 or 3 presenters) Live blogs with contributions from audience TV-show style presentation: two-three short introductions organised by a programme leader - active involvement of the audience: 60 minutes
Sym: Symposium
Symposium: Set of three sessions aiming at producing a consensus document (i.e.: on free software, bridging the digital divide, policy declaration, Life long learning): 3 x 60 minutes
Dem: Demonstration
Demonstration of device, system, programme for learning or administration of educational organisations such as schools, classes etc: 30 minutes
EP: Expert panels
Expert panel within a clearly defined field, topic covering different perspectives or points of view
FP: full paper
6-10 pages, presentation: 30 min
SP: short paper
3-5 pages, presentation: 15 min
PO: poster
2-3 pages
PN: panel
abstract and list of topics
WS: workshop
2-5 pages, including a description of the workshop, the equipment and facilities needed and the maximum number of participants