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01 New Learning Environments
- Social Networking and Youth Culture using Web 2.0 applications
- New Principles and Methods for Learning
- Information Literacy
- Fundamentals of Informatics Education
02 Changing Role of Learners and Teachers
- ICT Competencies for Lifelong Learning (LLL)
- ICT-supported Local and International Social Networks for LLL
- New Professional Skills of Teachers
03 Best Practices in ICT and Youth Empowerment
- Empowering Youth for Global Activism
- Knowledge Achievement in Real-Life Scenarios
- Authentic and Sustainable Learning Environments
- E-learning & M-learning in the Knowledge Society
04 Digital Divide and Cultural Understanding
- ICT-supported Intercultural Learning
- LLL as a means to reducing the Digital Divide
- Knowledge Building Communities
- Integration of Training and Working in Business