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Help for Module "Basic Information"

This module shows some general information on the conference.
If you are logged in, you may submit a presentation for the conference.
Reviewers may also do their reviews using this system.
An ICMS-account may be used for all conferences managed by ICMS.
If you are not registered yet, go to how to register (can be found in the menu help as well).
If you are registered, but you have forgotten your password you can go to forgot password (can be found in the menu user as well). For security reasons passwords are stored encrypted, but you can reset it to a random value. The new password will be sent to the mail account you have used to register.

If you have problems or questions when using the system you may ask for "help for the current module" in the help menu or use the questionmark on the right top of the page instead (this is just a shortcut).

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