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Conference Topics [print] [?]

1 changing pedagogy
formative assessment, teacher role, student role, e-assessment, shared pedagogy, e-pedagogy
2 emerging Tools for education
wiki, blog, social networking, micro-blog, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, mobile technologies
3 digital pedagogy
collaborative, adaptive, personalised, AI, learner centred, e-participation
4 developing computational thinking
learning programming, programming environments, visualisation of algorithms, modelling, simulation, informatics / computing curricula, understanding computing, taxonomy of computing
5 attracting students to study sciences
interactive learning, collaborative investigations, team work, virtual laboratories, online experiments
6 re-engeneering teacher education
new teacher roles, professional development, pre-service education, peer learning, practices research
7 cooperative learning environments
online, social networking
8 reseaching ICT in education
new research approaches , new methods, innovative strategies, new models, complex systems, inquiry learning
9 learning through games and simulation
online gaming, contests, competitions, serious games, science simulations
10 e-inclusion and e-participation
special educational needs, gender issues,
11 virtual schooling
learning objects, distance learning, curriculum integration, mentoring, evaluation issues, teacher collaboration, PLE, lifelong learning,
12 restructuring education systems
policy, e-safety, re-structuring classrooms, learning spaces, change theories