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FP: Full paper
A full paper is a standard academic research paper. (maximum length: 10 pages).
SP: short paper
A short paper is an academic paper, position paper, case study, policy paper or a national perspective (maximum length: 5 pages).
IF: Industry foresight
Companies and developers outline their state-of-the-art technologies, seeking discussion and comment to support their ongoing development. Participants should submit a short description (maximum length: 2 pages) or a short paper ( maximum length: 5 pages).
SY: Symposia
A symposium is a collection of related papers on a central theme of the conference. Proposals for symposia outline the theme and the participants (maximum length: 1 page), and include a one-page abstract for each paper. At a stated time, symposium papers can be submitted as long or short papers, but to be involved in the conference there is no requirement to do this.
TC: System presentation
Ongoing hardware and software project developments relating to the conference theme may be presented and discussed during the conference. A short description (maximum length: 2 pages) of an exhibit should be submitted.
CS: Case presentations
We welcome presentations by students and their teachers, demonstrating uses, learning activities and learning outcomes in the fields of computer science education and technology enhanced learning in general. A short description (maximum length: 2 pages) of the presentation should be submitted. Such sessions will allow sharing with all stakeholder communities attending. As the conference will focus on themes and topics that are pertinent to school managers, local managers, teachers and advisers, attendance at selected sessions from across all themes will be highlighted by suggested pathways where possible. These sessions will be particularly useful for practitioners involved in project-based activities.
PN: panel session
Chairs of these panels should submit an abstract (maximum length: 2 pages) for a panel of up to three identified speakers who will briefly present their views on a pertinent topic, leaving sufficient time for discussion.
FC: Fireside chat
a moderator and at least one expert have an informal conversation about a key topic. The moderator prepares 2-3 questions in advance and can elicit questions from the audience (using technology if preferred). This is like a panel presentation but less formal and with more discussion from the outset. Chairs of Fireside chats should submit an abstract outlining the focus of the chat and the starting questions. (maximum length: 2 pages)
WC: World café
this event enables a large group to engage in dialogue through smaller sub-groups who sit around tables discussing key questions in three 15 minute sessions. Outcomes of each of the sessions will be recorded and shared. The moderator proposing such an event should outline the focus of the world café together with the key questions to be discussed, and specifics about the format (e.g. recommended number of tables, whether a table has a host or not, etc.). The moderator should submit an abstract providing this information (maximum length: 2 pages).
PC: Pecha kucha
These presentations are short and snappy with 20 slides and no more than 20 seconds per slide. A short paper or industry foresight is suitable for presentation in this format (see above for requirements).
SG: Speed geeking / rapid demos
a networking session where the focus is on finding out what everyone else does and most importantly talking to people you have not met before. Small groups of participants visit tables at which the presenters are sat. The presenters talk about their work. When the bell rings, participants move to a different table. This continues until all participants have seen every presenter. The moderator should submit an abstract outlining the focus and presenters who will share their work (maximum length 2 pages).
DC: Doctoral Consortium
PhD students are encouraged to submit an extended abstract (with literature review, methodology, results or expected results) for inclusion in the conference (maximum length: 2 pages). The doctoral consortium will start with a pre-conference session on 24th June 2018, for research students to practice presentation and to receive feedback from active researchers.