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FULLPAPER: Full paper
Full papers should describe novel didactical approaches, methods, tools, findings, interpretations, explanations, or empirical evaluations. (Overall maximum of 10 A4 pages, including abstract, references and biography using the standard template.)
SHORTPAPER: Short paper
A short paper can be a 3 page-paper, a position paper, a case study, a policy paper or a national perspective. A short paper can also be used to introduce a panel discussion, a workshop, a focus group or an adversarial debate. The standard document template MUST be used.
SHORTPANEL: Short paper - panel discussion
Panel discussions, led by three or more panel members, are intended to stimulate a high level of debate. A short paper introducing a panel should come from a single individual acting as a coordinator on behalf of the panel members. During a panel session each panel member will have an opportunity to give a short opening presentation. Presentations will be followed by a chaired discussion involving the panel and the audience. All panel members should be identified. Submit PANEL proposals in the same format as a short paper.
SHORTWORKSHOP: Short paper - workshop
Workshop organisers will present innovative projects linked to conference themes in a short active classroom session. Workshops will be allocated 1 hour; they are not intended as a forum to promote commercial software. Detailed technical requirements, if any, must be provided. Submit WORKSHOP proposals in the same format as a short paper.
SHORTFOCUS: Short paper - focus groups
Focus groups will meet for two one-hour sessions during the conference to discuss a particular issue in depth. A focus group needs someone to introduce and chair the discussion and it also need an identified rapporteur. The Chair and Rapporteur will have a brief opportunity to report to the whole conference on the last day. A short paper introducing a focus group must identify both the Chair and the Rapporteur. Submit FOCUS GROUP proposals in the same format as a short paper.
SHORTDEBATE: Short paper - adversarial debate
Adversarial debates are intended to address controversial questions or topics. The debate should focus on a clearly stated motion, with two sides setting out opposing views. There should be one or two speakers on either side of the debate. Each will have an opportunity to make their case before a period of wider questioning and debate, culminating in a vote. A short paper introducing an adversarial debates should identify the motion for debate and should provide a brief opening statement from each side. Submit ADVERSARIAL DEBATE proposals in the same format as a short paper.