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About ICMS

General information

ICMS - the IFIP Conference Management System was developed to simplify the management of a conference. Originally it was meant to become an online platform for paper submission and reviewing, but very soon it became clear that the it would be great to manage the whole conference online.

Therefore the system was designed to manage the whole workflow of organizing a conference -the definition of topics and deadlines as well as the whole submission on review process, the management of the conference program and the sessions, a just-in-time generation of a timetable, modules for contacting authors and reviewers,...

The system is flexible an can be used for any conference - everything from the design to the topics, styles of reactions, presentation formats,... can be defined / customized by the conference administrator. The system also provides customizable user groups, special privileges for users, and possibilities to embed the confence program and the timetable in an external website.


In 2005 the first version of the system (named "confgirl") was developed. Some modules have been developed on the fly for an e-learning conference in South Africa; the first conference to use the system.
In 2007 a complete redesign of the system was done, mainly to improve the usabily and the flexibility of the system. The new system ICMS provided extended features (e.g. in user- and privileges management and extended flexibility of the design) and started to use AJAX as a basic technology for several modules.


The whole development of the system (both versions) was sponsored by the education highway, the "center of innovations for schools and new technologies".
The system itself was planned and developed by David Hauger.

If you have further questions on the system or desired features or if you want to use the system for your own conference use the mail formular below to contact the author.
If you have any questions concerning the conference use the contact page ("information" / "contacts") instead.

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