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Monday, July 1st 2013

(14:00 - 22:00) Registration  Copernicus Hotel
(17:00 - 18:30) Press Conference  Copernicus Hotel
(18:30 - 19:00) Opening Ceremony chair: Bernard Cornu  Copernicus Hotel
(19:30 - 21:00) Welcome Reception  Copernicus Hotel

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

(08:00 - 12:00) Registration  Conference Venue
(09:00 - 10:00) Keynote Session - George Siemens chair: Valentina Dagiene  Aula
    210 George Siemens (CA): Learning in Social and Technological Networks
Presenter: Siemens, George
(10:00 - 10:30) Keynote Session - John Davies (Intel World Ahead Program) chair: Maciej Syslo  Aula
    216 John Davies (US): The Technology of Mobile Learning
Presenter: Davies, John
(10:30 - 11:00) Tea / Coffee  
(11:00 - 12:30) Reseaching ICT in Education (Short Papers) chair: Andrew Fluck  Room D
    76 Gioko Anthony (KE), Rosemary Waga: Exploring support practices for teachers’ ICT enhanced pedagogy in Kenyan schools.
Presenter: Anthony, Gioko
    111 Manuel Ecker (DE), Wolfgang Müller: Production Patterns for Video Trainings in Further Education of Manufacturing Companies
Presenter: Müller, Wolfgang
    167 Neelakshi Chandrasena Premawardhena (LK): ICT in the foreign language classroom in Sri Lanka: A journey through a decade
Presenter: Chandrasena Premawardhena, Neelakshi
    19 Anna Plawiak-Mowna (PL), Elzbieta Kolodziejska: Teamwork in Engineering as the Method for the Acquisition of Social Key Competences - case-study
Presenter: Plawiak-Mowna, Anna
    29 Rasim Alguliyev (AZ), Rasmiya Mahmudova: On the development of information culture indicators
Presenter: Alguliyev, Rasim
(11:00 - 12:30) How ICT is Challenging Pedagogy 1 (Short Papers) chair: Ana Carvalho  Room E
    149 Nicholas Reynolds (AU), Paul Chandler: Physics Teacher Education, Computers and Collaboration: - A Most Significant Change Story
Presenter: Reynolds, Nicholas
    94 Zdena Lustigova (CZ), Veronika Novotna: The role of virtual and remote labs in promoting conceptual understanding of students
Presenter: Lustigova, Zdena
    102 Simone Opel (DE), Torsten Brinda: Contextual Teaching with Learning Fields in Vocational IT Education – How to Find Practical Contexts
Presenter: Brinda, Torsten
    87 Janusz Morbitzer (PL): Connectivism – a critical look
Presenter: Morbitzer, Janusz
    169 Bruria Haberman (IL), Avi Cohen: Educating Youngsters to Communicate and Distribute Knowledge in the Contemporary World
Presenter: Haberman, Bruria
(11:00 - 12:30) Emerging Tools for Learning (Full Papers) chair: Sindre Rřsvik  Room B
    146 Sven Hofmann (DE): The application of didactic models in the context of E-learning-based study preparation - The project "UnIbELT"
Presenter: Hofmann, Sven
    65 Sara Trindade (PT), Joaquim Carvalho, Ana Amélia Carvalho: History at the fingertips
Presenter: Trindade, Sara
    144 Barbara Debska (PL), Lukasz Sanokowski: Automatic generation of mindmaps in courses implemented on Moodle platform
Presenter: Sanokowski, Lukasz
(11:00 - 12:30) Integrative New Tools (Short Papers) - Chaire Alain Sentini  Room F
    11 Wlodzimierz Gogolek (PL): The New Information Source for Education. Refining Information from the Internet
Presenter: Gogolek, Wlodzimierz
    72 Anna Marcinkowska (PL), Krzysztof Marcinkowski: PAINT-BOT - Sharing the innovative idea of robotics and art - The Video E-book
Presenter: Marcinkowska, Anna
    134 Ankita Bansal (IN), Naren Burade: Technique to create simple software application for teaching deaf Children
Presenter: bansal, ankita
    61 Csink Laszlo (HU), Karoly Farkas: Applying Syntonicity for Games and Learning Logo Programming
Presenter: Laszlo, Csink
    177 Stanislaw Dylak (PL), Hanna Gulinska: Advance Learning Strategy: the Teacher as the Architect of a Student’s Knowledge
Presenter: Dylak, Stanislaw
(11:00 - 12:30) Bebras – a Contest for Motivating Students towards Computer Science (Workshop) chair: Valentina Dagiene  Room A
    168 Gerald Futschek (AT), Valentina Dagiene: Bebras – a Contest for Motivate Students to Computer Science and Develop Computational Thinking
Presenter: Futschek, Gerald
(12:30 - 13:00) Lunch  
(13:00 - 14:00) Tuesday Lunch Meeting - ICT in the Teacher Training Curriculum (W.G. 3.1)  Room B
(14:00 - 15:30) Workshop with short papers: Informatics/CS: Challenges for Secondary Curricula 1 chair: Monique Grandbastien  Room B
    26 Stephen Rainwater (US): The ISTE® NETS•CSE: Advancing Computer Science Teaching in the Digital Age
Presenter: Rainwater, Stephen
    18 Jiří Vaníček (CZ): Searching for CS tasks in ICT curricula at lower secondary school level
Presenter: Vanicek, Jiri
    122 Monique Grandbastien (FR): Informatics as a subject in secondary education
Presenter: Grandbastien, Monique
(14:00 - 15:30) Emerging Tools and Policies in Teacher Education 1 (Full Papers) chair: Nick Reynolds  Room A
    13 Geoff Romeo (AU), Margaret Lloyd, Toni Downes: Teaching Teachers for the Future: An Australian Government National Project
Presenter: Romeo, Geoff
    107 Christine Bescherer (DE), Marc Zimmermann: Learning Mathematics using ICT in Pre-service Teacher Education
Presenter: Bescherer, Christine
    79 Maria Idalina Santos (PT), Ana Amélia Carvalho: A two-stage model of teachers’ training in Learning Management Systems
Presenter: Santos, Maria Idalina
(14:00 - 15:30) How ICT is Challenging Pedagogy 2 (Full Papers) chair: Ana Carvalho  Room E
    21 Vessela Ilieva (BG), Mike Doyle: ICT in the Bulgarian Primary School
Presenter: Ilieva, Vessela
    7 Kwok-Wing Lai (NZ): Knowledge building with senior secondary students: - A New Zealand study
Presenter: Lai, Kwok-Wing
    10 Andrew Fluck (AU), Nora Mogey: Comparison of institutional innovation - two universities’ nurturing of computer-based examinations
Presenter: Fluck, Andrew
(14:00 - 15:30) Implementation of Education Strategies by Using ICT (W.G. 3.1 Professional Group) chair: Lukas Dettwiler  Room G
(15:30 - 16:00) Tea / Coffee  
(16:00 - 17:30) Workshop with short papers: Informatics/CS: Challenges for Secondary Curricula 2 chair: Monique Grandbastien  Room F
    48 Laura Ohrndorf (DE): A taxonomy of errors for computer science education
Presenter: Ohrndorf, Laura
    86 Gerald Futschek (AT): Extreme Didactic Reduction in Computational Thinking Education
Presenter: Futschek, Gerald
    195 Peter Micheuz (AT): Competence Oriented Assignments, Tasks and Problems
Presenter: Micheuz, Peter
(16:00 - 18:00) The Future of E-Assessment (Symposium) chair: Mary Webb  Aula
    36 Mary Webb (GB), Andrew Fluck, Nora Mogey, David Gibson: Symposium: The future for E-assessment: assessing skills in more immediate ways
Presenter: Webb, Mary
(16:00 - 18:00) Haptic Environments to Enhance Teaching and Learning (Symposium) - Chair, Margaret Cox  Room A
    112 Margaret Cox (GB), Patricia Reynolds, Barry Quinn, Jonathan San Diego, Tracy-Ann Green, Arash Shahriari Rad, Timothy Newton, Jenny Wright, Neil Shah, Mark Woolford: Haptics environments to enhance teaching and learning in higher education: the interdisciplinary hapTEL experience - The Interdisciplinary HapTEL experience
Presenter: Cox, Margaret
(16:00 - 18:00) How can ICT enable Open education (Workshop) chair: Valentina Dagiene  Room B
    205 Lampros Stergioulas (GB), Valentina Dagiene: How can ICT enable Open education - Towards more inclusion, fairness and equity in our societies?
Presenter: Stergioulas, Lampros
(16:00 - 18:00) How to Re-Engineer Education Systems 2 (Full Papers) chair: Raymond Morel  Room E
    81 Jaschke Steffen (DE): Towards a Didactic System for Embedded System Design in Higher Education
Presenter: Steffen, Jaschke
    110 Edmund Laugasson (EE), Silver Püvi, Kaido Kikkas: Re-structuring education and state software systems
Presenter: Laugasson, Edmund
    152 Anna Beata Kwiatkowska (PL), Maciej M. Syslo: E-Teacher Standards and Certificates
Presenter: Syslo, Maciej M.
(19:00 - 20:30) Torun QuickTour  

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013

(09:00 - 10:30) Keynote Session - Mitchel Resnick chair: Mary Webb  Aula
    211 Mitchel Resnick (US): Mother’s Day, Warrior Cats, and Digital Fluency: Stories from the Scratch Community
Presenter: Resnick, Mitchel
(10:30 - 11:00) Tea / Coffee  
(11:00 - 12:30) Inspiration, Robots and Programming (Full Papers) chair: Ivan Kalas  Aula
    85 Renata Burbaitė (LT), Robertas Damaševičius, Vytautas Štuikys: Using Robots as Learning Objects for Teaching Computer Science
Presenter: Burbaitė, Renata
    125 Jakub Swacha (PL), Pawel Baszuro: Gamification-based e-learning platform for computer programming education
Presenter: Swacha, Jakub
    96 Michael Weigend (DE): Inspiration and Programming
Presenter: Weigend, Michael
(11:00 - 12:30) ICT Research Methodologies (Full Papers and Short Papers) chair: Dale Niederhauser  Room A
    63 Michael Hammond (GB): Researching teacher take-up of ICT: past perspectives and present day challenges
Presenter: Hammond, Michael
    69 Ferial Khaddage (AU), Gerald Knezek: Introducing a Mobile Learning Attitude Scale for Higher Education
Presenter: Knezek, Gerald
    157 Jasute Egle (LT): Research on interactive geometry visualization for secondary school
Presenter: Egle, Jasute
(11:00 - 12:30) How ICT is Challenging Pedagogy 3 (Full and Short Papers) chair: Sindre Rřsvik  Room B
    22 Mícháel Ó Dúill (BG): Teaching: Traditional or Turing (connected or not)?
Presenter: Ó Dúill, Mícháel
    185 Robert Gajewski (PL): Towards a new look at streaming media
Presenter: Gajewski, Robert
    70 Takeharu Ishizuka (JP), Tatsuya Horita, Susumu Kanemune: Practical Study on Computer Science Unplugged for Children Aimed to Considerer of Application to the Japanese Primary School Education
Presenter: Ishizuka, Takeharu
    130 Marco A. Olivera (MX), Ana Isabel Sacristan: Video explorations and measurements of uniform linear motion in a virtual online community
Presenter: Sacristan, Ana Isabel
(11:00 - 12:30) How to Re-Engineer Education Systems 3 (Short Papers) chair: Nick Reynolds  Room D
    39 Peter Micheuz (AT): From Digital Competence to Informatics Education - Structuring a Wide Field.
Presenter: Micheuz, Peter
    98 Toshinori Saito (JP): An examination of the democratic purposes of informatics education
Presenter: Saito, Toshinori
    31 Birgy Lorenz (EE), Aare Klooster: Teacher-Student Online Relationship
Presenter: Lorenz, Birgy
    158 Tong Zhixiang (CN), Meng Xiaohui, Pang Donghe, Zhong Chongjun, Wang Yadong, Li Haifeng: Research of impact and achievement of student affairs administration in computer talents cultivation
Presenter: xiaohui, meng
    12 Michael Norman (ZA), Isabella Venter: India’s efforts to promote software development – lessons to be learnt
Presenter: Norman, Michael
(11:00 - 12:30) Cooperative / Collaborative Learning (Full Papers) chair: Mary Webb  Room E
    60 Margaret de Jong-Derrington (GB), Mary Webb: Working together in Open Wonderland - Collaboration in a virtual world by trainee teachers working on group portfolios of teaching resources.
Presenter: de Jong-Derrington, Margaret
    148 Janusz Zalewski (US): Web-based Labs for Cyberphysical Systems - A Disruptive Technology
Presenter: Zalewski, Janusz
    80 Nicholas Mavengere (FI), Kati Tikkamäki: Organizational Learning, Agility and Social Technologies for Enhanced Organizational Performance
Presenter: Mavengere, Nicholas
(11:00 - 13:00) Vox4All - The Voice at Your Fingertips (Workshop)  Room F
    93 Secundino Correia (PT), Patrícia Correia, Mafalda Mendes: Vox4All - The voice at your fingertips
Presenter: Mendes, Mafalda
(11:00 - 12:30) Collaborative Content Inspired by Collaborative Practice (Workshop)  Room G
    66 Sarah Younie (GB), Sarah Jones, Pete Bradshaw: Collaborative Content Inspired by Collaborative Practice: - : enhancing professional development with Open Educational Resources
Presenter: Younie, Sarah
(12:30 - 13:00) Lunch  
(13:00 - 14:00) TC3 Working Groups  
(14:00 - 14:45) NAO Robot in Education (Workshop)  Room G
    212 Andrea Mestre (FR): NAO Robot in Education
Presenter: Mestre, Andrea
(14:00 - 15:30) Learner Variations (Full Papers) chair: Christina Preston  Room A
    2 Steve Counsell (GB): The effect of individual difference on learning performance using web-based instruction
Presenter: Counsell, Steve
    147 Maria Berndt-Schreiber (PL), Anna Beata Kwiatkowska, Andrzej Polewczyński, Krzysztof Skowronek, Maciej M. Sysło: Teacher Training - on the Way to e-Teacher Qualifications
Presenter: Berndt-Schreiber, Maria
    51 Jaana Holvikivi (FI): Cultural variation in perception and coding in IT students
Presenter: Holvikivi, Jaana
(14:00 - 15:30) Promoting and Monitoring ICT Usage (Full Papers) chair: Sarah Younie  Room B
    14 Geoff Romeo (AU), Donna Gronn, Yiong Hwee Teo, Sue McNamara: Facilitating Practice Teaching using Pocket Camcorder and Web Conferencing
Presenter: Romeo, Geoff
    133 Marta Hunya (HU): Self-evaluation of ICT Usage at Hungarian Schools
Presenter: Hunya, Marta
    176 Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska (PL): About Conception of Postgraduate Studies “Multimedia Application and E-learning Teacher”
Presenter: Smyrnova-Trybulska, Eugenia
(14:00 - 15:30) How ICT is Challenging Pedagogy 4 (Full Papers) chair: Raymond Morel  Room D
    170 Felix Donkor (GB): Using VLEs to support emotional intelligence: A secondary school perspective.
Presenter: Donkor, Felix
    127 Dale Niederhauser (US), Craig Ogilvie, Serkan Toy: Solving Ill-structured Problems: Student Behaviour in an Online Problem-solving Environment
Presenter: Niederhauser, Dale
    196 G. Barbara Demo (IT): Reading data schemas and knowing a query interface in non technical secondary schools
Presenter: Demo, G. Barbara
(14:00 - 15:30) Integrative Tools for the Classroom (Full Papers) Chair - Peter Twining  Room E
    121 Sandra Rebholz (DE), Paul Libbrecht, Wolfgang Müller: Interactive Visual Exploration of Learning Data: The Role of Teachers as Learning Analysts
Presenter: Müller, Wolfgang
    42 Therese Keane (AU), Chris Pilgrim: A Study of a Secondary School Netbook Program – Strategies, Success factors and Futures
Presenter: Keane, Therese
    213 Davide Storti (FR): Building Inclusive Knowledge Societies: Teacher Ed-ucation, content development and mobile learning
Presenter: Banerjee, Indrajit
(14:00 - 15:30) Researching tools (Full Papers) chair: Ana Carvalho  Room F
    15 Halvdan Haugsbakken (NO): The Refuseniks of Blogging
Presenter: Haugsbakken, Halvdan
    62 Daniela Guimarães (PT), Ana Amélia Carvalho: The Technological Plan for Education and the ICT Teachers’ Certification in Portugal: a case study of the use of Interactive Whiteboards
Presenter: Guimarães, Daniela
DC0 (14:00 - 15:30) Doctoral Consortium Part 1 - 14-15.30 chair: Valentina Dagiene  Room H
DC1 (14:00 - 15:30) Doctoral Consortium Part 1 - Group 1 chair: Mary Webb  Room H
    166 Renata Burbaitė (LT): Conception, models and realization of advanced generative learning objects - Doctoral consorcium
Presenter: Burbaitė, Renata
    190 Krzysztof Wojewodzic (PL): Are schools prepared for digital coursebooks?
Presenter: Wojewodzic, Krzysztof
    187 Maria Idalina Santos (PT), Ana Amélia Amorim Carvalho: A two-stage model of teachers’ training in Learning Management Systems
Presenter: Santos, Maria Idalina
DC2 (14:00 - 15:30) Doctoral Consortium Part 1 - Group 2 chair: Ivan Kalas  Room H
    159 Jo-Yu Lee (TW), Mary Webb, Justin Dillon: A Case Study of Undergraduate Students’ Perception of Passion and Creativity in the Science and Technology in Taiwan
Presenter: Lee, Jo-Yu
    184 Egle Jasute (LT): Method of interactive geometry visualization for constructive learning
Presenter: Jasute, Egle
    197 Agnieszka Heba (PL): A doctoral thesis on the development of mathematical competences with the use of elearning
Presenter: Heba, Agnieszka
    150 Angel Pretelín-Ricárdez (MX), Ana Isabel Sacristán: Engineering students programming of mathematical model simulations within Serious Games to promote their learning
Presenter: Pretelín Ricárdez, Angel
DC3 (14:00 - 15:30) Doctoral Consortium Part 1 - Group 3 chair: Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo  Room H
    162 Hasan Selcuk (TR): An investigation into the Use of Online Peer Collaboration in Creative Writing Activities: - Qualitative Exploratory Intervention Study in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Context
Presenter: Selcuk, Hasan
    164 Arash Shahriari Rad (GB): An investigation: conventional and Virtual Reality Simulator assessment methods for dental clinical skills - Poster presentation for Doctoral Consortium on 3rd July 2013
Presenter: Shahriari Rad, Arash
    198 Jörn Syrbe (DE), Ira Diethelm: From teaching materials to competencies
Presenter: Syrbe, Jörn
    206 Hans Frederik (NL): What is the impact of the IT professional field on the IT study program? - When does an IT program changes (parts of) the study program and what is the role of the professional field in this?
Presenter: Frederik, Hans
(15:30 - 16:00) Tea / Coffee  
(16:00 - 17:30) Integrating Digital Learning Resources (Full Papers) Chair - Johannes Magenheim  Room E
    68 Ivan Kalas (SK): Integration of ICT in early childhood education
Presenter: Kalas, Ivan
    71 Turid Aarseth (NO), Berg Celia, Anne Karin Wallace: Digital Learning Resources, in what situations do students find them useful?
Presenter: Aarseth, Turid
    214 Mark West (FR): Mobile Learning
Presenter: West, Mark
(16:00 - 18:00) Connecting the Disconnected through Pre-Service Teachers (Symposium) chair: Donna Gronn  Aula
    27 Donna Gronn (AU), Geoff Romeo, Lynn Roberts, Rebecca Wilson, Mandy Peace: Connecting the Disconnected through Pre-service Teachers
Presenter: Gronn, Donna
(16:00 - 18:00) Helping Educators to Help Themselves (Panel)  Room A
    84 Keith Turvey (GB), Michael Hammond, Sarah Younie: Helping educators to help themselves in an age of digital eclecticism: Professional learning with new technologies
Presenter: Turvey, Keith
(16:00 - 18:00) Re-engineering Educational Practice and Research (Symposium)  Room B
    82 Don Passey (GB), Andreas Breiter, Denise Leahy, Anna Grabowska: Management for sustainable education
Presenter: Passey, Don
DC04 (16:00 - 18:00) Doctoral Consortium Part 2 - 16.00 - 18.00  Room H
DC4 (16:00 - 18:00) Doctoral Consortium Part 2 - Group 4 (Chair - Andrej Brodnik) chair: Test Tester  Room H
    165 Jurate Urboniene (LT): Design of adaptive algorithmization tools - Doctoral consortium poster
Presenter: Urboniene, Jurate
    191 Antonia Plerou (GR): Diagnostic evaluation of problems in algorithmic thinking
Presenter: Plerou, Antonia
    202 Athit Maytarattanakhon (TH): Automate distance creative competitions
Presenter: Maytarattanakhon, Athit
DC5 (16:00 - 18:00) Doctoral Consortium Part 2 - Group 5 chair: Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo  Room H
    182 Kathrine Petersen (AU): Lets get serious! virtual games support academic outcomes
Presenter: petersen, kathrine
    192 Lech Własak (PL), Marcin Jaczewski, Tomasz Dubilis, Tomasz Warda: How to motivate digital natives to learn?
Presenter: Własak, Lech
    204 Md. Iqbal Hossain Hossain (BD), Abu Sayed Md Latiful Hoque: SQL-LES: A novel e-Learning and e-Evaluation Tool for Database Course
Presenter: Hossain, Md. Iqbal
DC6 (16:00 - 18:00) Doctoral Consortium Part 2 - Group 6 chair: Sindre Rřsvik  Room H
    181 Somayeh Fereidouni (IR): Entrance to university and Social Consequences for Iranian female students of higher education
Presenter: Fereidouni, Somayeh
    188 Daniela Guimarães (PT), Ana Amélia Carvalho: The Technological Plan for Education and the ICT Teachers’ Certification in Portugal: a case study of the use of Interactive Whiteboards
Presenter: Guimarães, Daniela
    189 Carla Joana Carvalho (PT), Luís Dourado: Problem-based Learning Online approach in the Natural Sciences teaching - a study with sciences teachers and 8th grade students
Presenter: Carvalho, Carla Joana
(17:30 - 18:00) Doctoral Consortium Plenary chair: Valentina Dagiene  Room H
(19:00 - 22:00) Conference Dinner  

Thursday, July 4th 2013

(09:00 - 09:45) Keynote - Meloney Cargill and Dawn Sanchez chair: Nick Reynolds  Aula
    215 Meloney Cargill (US), Dawn Sanchez: The Flipped High School
Presenter: Cargill, Meloney
(09:45 - 10:30) Keynote Session - Vaithegi Vasanthakumar chair: Nick Reynolds  Aula
    217 Vaithegi Vasanthakumar (GB): The Incomplete Guide to Delivering Education Outcomes
Presenter: Vasanthakumar, Vaithegi
(10:30 - 11:00) Tea / Coffee  
(11:00 - 12:30) How ICT is Challenging Pedagogy 5 (Full Papers) chair: Sindre Rřsvik  Room E
    132 Lawrence Williams (GB), Miroslava Cernochová: Literacy from Scratch - Using a computer progamming language to develop creativity
Presenter: Williams, Lawrence
    143 Mike Doyle (BG), Vessela Ilieva: Primary Robotics: laying sound foundations
Presenter: Doyle, Mike
    109 Sebastian H.D. Fiedler (EE), Terje Väljataga: Networked narrative accounts of personal learning projects: an instrument for systemic intervention research in higher education
Presenter: Fiedler, Sebastian H.D.
(11:00 - 12:30) Identifying Deep Learning through Games (Full Papers) chair: Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo  Room A
    114 Eric Sanchez (FR): A Model for the Design of Digital Epistemic Games
Presenter: Sanchez, Eric
    128 Angel Pretelín-Ricárdez (MX), Ana Isabel Sacristán: A proposal for engineering students to model a lever system and design a serious game in order to promote their mathematical learning
Presenter: Pretelín Ricárdez, Angel
    8 David Gibson (US): Psychometric Considerations for Digital Assessments
Presenter: Gibson, David
(11:00 - 13:00) Teaching Information Security (Panel)  Room D
    209 Bernhard Hämmerli (CH), Tone Hoddø Bakås Hoddø Bakås, Serah Francis, Adrian Kapczyński, Frank Mockler: Teaching Information Security - Multi Country Overview: From Philosophy and Ethics to Implementation
Presenter: Hämmerli, Bernhard
(11:00 - 12:30) New Ways of Developing Computational Thinking (Full Papers) Chair - Alain Sentini  Aula
    37 Steffen Büchner (DE): Teaching Embedded Systems in Higher Education by Visualizing Component Relations
Presenter: Büchner, Steffen
    108 Marek Nowicki (PL), Marek Nowicki, Łukasz Mikulski, Marcin Piątkowski, Rafał Kluszczyński: On-line contests hosting service as a tool to teach computer science students programming
Presenter: Bała, Piotr
    47 Yoshiaki Matsuzawa (JP), Kotaro Nozawa, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Sanshiro Sakai: Multiplicity Doctor: A Diagnosis Tool for Clarity and Consistency of the Multiplicity in a Static UML Model
Presenter: Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki
(11:00 - 12:30) e-inclusion and e-participation 1 (Full Papers) chair: Don Passey  Room B
    123 Secundino Correia (PT), Margarida Silva, Paula Medeiros: ActiveBrain4All - a social brain gym online platform
Presenter: Silva, Margarida
    103 Marie Iding (US), Malkeet Singh: Improving Computer-Based Education in the Pacific Islands: From Coconut Wireless to Wi-Fi
Presenter: Iding, Marie
    105 Piotr Bała (PL), Marek Nowicki, Michał Matuszak, Anna Kwiatkowska, Maciej Sysło: Teaching secondary school students programming using distance learning. A case study.
Presenter: Bała, Piotr
(11:00 - 12:30) E-Inclusion and E-Participation 2 (Full and Short Papers) chair: Arthur Tatnall  Room F
    131 Cynthia Sistek-Chandler (US), Peter Serdyukov: Online Learning: More Social, Less Personal? - Faculty Perceptions of Online Learning, Exploring the Efficicacy of Socialization and Collaboration Online
Presenter: Sistek-Chandler, Cynthia
    34 Farhana Khurshid (PK), Mary Webb: Enhancing Self-regulation and online collaboration among students of a virtual university.
Presenter: Khurshid, Farhana
    115 Avni Kumar (IN), Bhupindar Singh, Dr. Rattan Datta: ICT FOR ENHANCING EFFECTIVENESS OF EDUCATION SYSTEM
Presenter: Kumar, Avni
    3 Renette J. Blignaut (ZA), Isabella M. Venter, Karen V. Renaud: A bridge over the computer science graduate skill gap
Presenter: Blignaut, Renette J.
    156 Christina Preston (GB): Innovation in teaching and learning - New approaches to professionalism
Presenter: Preston, Christina
(11:00 - 13:00) Enabling Active Ageing and Active Citizenship by Intergenerational and Online Learning (Workshop)  Room G
    54 Anna Grabowska (PL), Dianne Delchau, Don Passey, Valerie Wood-Gaiger: Enabling Active Aging and Active Citizenship by Intergenerational and Online Learning - Learning in Later Life
Presenter: Grabowska, Anna
(12:30 - 13:00) Lunch  
(13:00 - 14:00) THURSDAY LUNCH Meeting WG professional groups  Room B
    193 Andreas Schwill (DE), Torsten Brinda: Key Competencies in Computer Science and ICT
Presenter: Schwill, Andreas
    194 Tatjana Jevsikova (LT), Lukas Dettwiler: ICT in the Teacher Training Curriculum
Presenter: Dettwiler, Lukas
(14:00 - 16:00) Re-engineering Educational Practice and Research (Workshop)  Room B
    88 Sarah-Louise Jones (GB), Sarah Younie, Marilyn Leask: Re-engineering educational practice and research: an invitation to engage in collective action...
Presenter: Jones, Sarah-Louise
(14:00 - 15:30) Games in School Practice (Short Papers) chair: Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo  Room E
    46 Adriana Torres (BR): ICT and concrete objects in school
Presenter: Torres, Adriana
    64 Rostyslav Shpakovych (UA): Bebras Contest game tasks and programming algorithms
Presenter: Shpakovych, Rostyslav
    119 Grzegorz Krol (PL), Grazyna Wieczorkowska-Wierzbinska, Anna Kuzminska: Increasing psychological realism of diagnosis with computer games
Presenter: Krol, Grzegorz
    89 Dorsaf BENNA (TN): Programming learning for children through Games design
Presenter: BENNA, Dorsaf
    95 Mariusz Piwinski (PL): How to teach computer networks using simulation software
Presenter: Piwinski, Mariusz
(14:00 - 15:30) Towards a vision for a new curriculum (Panel) chair: Mary Webb  Room A
    137 Mary Webb (GB), Nicholas Reynolds: Towards a vision for a new curriculum for ICT: are we getting there?
Presenter: Webb, Mary
(14:00 - 15:30) Poster Session  1st Floor
    4 Isabella M. Venter (ZA), Renette J. Blignaut, Karen V. Renaud: Reaching out to mobile phone “rookies” in two countries
Presenter: Venter, Isabella M.
Presenter: Barbare, Inese
    23 Kailash Busgopaul (MU): Child Safety Online In The Southern African Region - The Mauritian Experience
Presenter: Busgopaul, Kailash
    56 Anna Grabowska (PL): Learning in Later Life in Europe - Learning in Later Life
Presenter: Grabowska, Anna
    67 Nataša Kristan (SI), Andrej Brodnik: Integrated ACM competitions website
Presenter: Kristan, Nataša
    75 Janet Price-Glick (US), Andrew Fluck, Darren Pullen: The Use and Users of ICT in Australian Higher Education - Identifying ICT skill discrepancies between universities and commencing overseas students
Presenter: Fluck, Andrew
    113 Nataša Kristan (SI), Gregor Mede, Andrej Brodnik: Motivation and Constructive Learning in Secondary Technical School
Presenter: Kristan, Nataša
    117 Ryszard Kalamarz (PL): Boosting your teaching with Moodle - Competence-oriented foreign language teaching in practice
Presenter: Kalamarz, Ryszard
    118 Jan Vesel (SI), Nataša Kristan, Andrej Brodnik: There and back again - A tale between photographs and bits
Presenter: Vesel, Jan
    135 Hoppy Chandler (US), Cynthia Chandler: Paper or Plastic - Textbooks aren't what they used to be
Presenter: Chandler, Hoppy
    140 Daniel Dyer (NZ): Identifying the pedagogical opportunities and challenges of using technology-enabled feedback in New Zealand secondary school classrooms. - Doctoral Consortium (DC)
Presenter: Dyer, Daniel
    154 Mariusz Szynkiewicz (PL): E-Ethics. Morality in the age of computer revolution
Presenter: Szynkiewicz, Mariusz
    16 Mícháel Ó Dúill (BG): Logo Revisited
Presenter: Ó Dúill, Mícháel
    172 Malgorzata Rostkowska (PL), Dorota Janczak, Ewa Kedracka: Teacher learns in network: Isolation? Community?
Presenter: Janczak, Dorota
Presenter: kuzio, ivan
    41 Douglas Butler (GB): Autograph - a pedagogically focussed solution for mathematics - Software written for teaching and learning of secondary mathematics
Presenter: Butler, Douglas
    45 Agata Berdowska (PL): The e-learning course proposal in mathematics for economists
Presenter: Berdowska, Agata
    58 Jan Benacka (SK): Box of maximum volume – solving real-life tasks with Excel and Lazarus
Presenter: Benacka, Jan
    59 Jan Benacka (SK): 3D in Excel with solved overlapping
Presenter: Benacka, Jan
    92 Secundino Correia (PT), Paula Medeiros, Margarida Silva: ActiveBrain4All - a social brain gym online platform
Presenter: Silva, Margarida
    116 Zbigniew Meger (PL): Collaborative experiments in distance science education
Presenter: Meger, Zbigniew
    129 Eugenia Kovatcheva (BG), Elena Shoikova, Roumen Nikolov: Embedding Open Educational Resources in a Competence Based ICT in Library Art Course
Presenter: Kovatcheva, Eugenia
    178 Astrid Leeb (AT), Ursula Simmetsberger: edumoodle – more than just Moodle for Austrian schools
Presenter: Leeb, Astrid
    179 Christian Sciarretta (IT), Vittorio Midoro, Valentina Del Cimmuto: Teaching an Training Quality Management - European project to foster teacher's self evaluation
Presenter: Midoro, Vittorio
    183 Marlena Plebańska (PL): Knowledge management system based on the e-learning platform
Presenter: Plebańska, Marlena
    207 Anna Mietlarek-Kropidlowska (PL): Chemical Education of the Future using Augmented Reality
Presenter: Mietlarek-Kropidłowska, Anna
    208 Mateusz Leszkowicz (PL), Anna Wiśniewska, Grażyna Barabasz: Advance Learning Strategy - Is the Advanced Learning Strategy an effective and exciting option for Polish education?
Presenter: Barabasz, Grażyna
(14:00 - 15:30) e-inclusion and e-participation 3 (Full Papers) chair: Kwok-Wing Lai  Aula
    44 Mikko Ruohonen (FI), Markku Turunen, Juhani Linna, Jaakko Hakulinen, Amit Nanavati, Nitendra Rajput: E-Inclusion Innovation for Rural India - Mobile Voice and Tablet Based Educational Services
Presenter: Ruohonen, Mikko
    124 Secundino Correia (PT), Mafalda Mendes, Patricia Correia: Vox4All - The voice at your fingertips
Presenter: Mendes, Mafalda
    160 Barbara Kedzierska (PL), Johannes Magenheim, Agnieszka Kedzierska, Robert Fischbach: The Application and Impact of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development
Presenter: Magenheim, Johannes
(14:00 - 15:30) Mobile teacher - student mobile (Workshop)  Room D
    97 Dariusz Andrzejewski (PL): Mobile teacher - student mobile - Collaboration with the use of mobile technology
Presenter: Andrzejewski, Dariusz
(15:30 - 16:00) Tea / Coffee  
(16:00 - 17:30) Designing On-Line Learning (Full Papers)  Room E
    38 Barbara Dębska (PL), Barbara Guzowska-Świder, Karol Hęclik: Chemometrics and spectroscopy problems solving by chemical portal
Presenter: Hęclik, Karol
    120 Christian-Andreas Schumann (DE), Claudia Tittmann, Thomas Kudraß, Janek Götze, Thomas Wiedemann, Martin-Andreas Schumann, Eric Forkel: Cross-linking and multivalent use of knowledge modules for special target and user groups
Presenter: Forkel, Eric
    78 Zigmunds Bulins (LV), Kaspars Krauklis, Jurijs Lavendels, Vjaceslavs Sitikovs, Jurijs Steinmans: Implementation and Observation of Interactive Distance Teaching
Presenter: Lavendels, Jurijs
(16:00 - 18:00) Building a Global Community to Move Education into the Digital Age (Symposium) chair: Joke Voogt  Aula
    43 Joke Voogt (NL), Gerald Knezek, Mary Webb, Kwok Wing Lai, Margaret Cox, Niki Davis, Birgit Eickelmann, Peter Twining, Peter Albion, David Gibson: Building a Global Community of Policy-makers, Researchers, and Teachers to Move Education into the Digital Age
Presenter: Voogt, Joke
(16:00 - 17:30) Attracting Students to Study Sciences (Short Papers) chair: Andrew Fluck  Room A
    17 María Nieves Florentín-Núñez (PY), Margarita N. Takahashi,, Marian Aranda, Nilda N. Cuenca, María L. Sanabria, Leticia Arzamendia, Blás Vera: COLLABORATIVE LEARNING 2.0
Presenter: Florentín-Núñez, María Nieves
    57 Jan Benacka (SK): Simulating free fall and projectile motion in Excel and Lazarus – informatics lessons for STEM education
Presenter: Benacka, Jan
    74 Jolanta Galecka (PL): Multimedia in Math and Science Education – connecting through human needs and mobility
Presenter: Galecka, Jolanta
    142 Flavio Campos (BR): Robotics in the curriculum: Science, Education and Technology.
Presenter: Campos, Flavio
    104 Sergei Pozdniakov (RU), Ilya Posov, Vasiliy Akimushkin, Athit Maytarattanakhon: The bridge from science to school
Presenter: Pozdniakov, Sergei
    151 Agnieszka Kubacka (PL), Barbara Dębska: Personalized system of distant education
Presenter: Kubacka, Agnieszka
(16:00 - 17:30) Changing Pedagogy (Full Papers) chair: Keith Turvey  Room B
    49 Therese Keane (AU), William F. Keane, Aaron S. Blicblau: The Use of Educational Technologies to Equip Students with 21st Century Skills
Presenter: Keane, Therese
    101 Rein Prank (EE): What can we add to solution environments for enabling real-time teacher support?
Presenter: Prank, Rein
    100 Enos Kiforo (KE): Teachers Attitudes and Perceptions on the use of ICT in teaching and learning as observed by ICT Champions
Presenter: Kiforo, Enos
(16:00 - 17:30) Speed Sharing chair: Nick Reynolds  Room D
    30 Cynthia Sistek-Chandler (US): What Works in Online Instruction
Presenter: Sistek-Chandler, Cynthia
    55 Dianne Delchau (AU): U3A Online and The Asia Pacific Alliance - Learning in Later Life
Presenter: Delchau, Dianne
    73 Sophia Gorlitskaya (RU): Promoting interactive multimedia technologies among school teachers
Presenter: Gorlitskaya, Sophia
    77 Tomasz Kocejko (PL): MyRandoStory - creative writing software for seniors - Learning in Later Life
Presenter: Kocejko, Tomasz
    83 Dominik Stożek (PL), Martyna Borkowska: Kalkulator EWD 100: Exploratory analysis of student scores in a few clicks
Presenter: Stożek, Dominik
    6 Mícháel Ó Dúill (BG): What is the relationship of technology to the mind?
Presenter: Ó Dúill, Mícháel
(17:30 - 18:30) TC3 Working Groups  
(20:00 - 22:00) Night Tour Torun  

Friday, July 5th 2013

(09:00 - 09:30) Opening of National Days  Aula
(09:30 - 10:30) Polish Keynote Session - Włodzisław Duch CHAIR - Anna Beata Kwiatkowska chair: Maciej Syslo  Aula
    218 Włodzisław Duch (PL): Brains and Education: Towards Neurocognitive Phenomics
Presenter: Duch, Wlodek
(09:30 - 10:30) WCCE Keynote Session - Włodzisław Duch chair: Maciej Syslo  Room A and Room B
(10:30 - 11:00) Tea / Coffee  
(11:00 - 13:00) Plenary Session chair: Bernard Cornu  Room A
Report from Paris
Input from each Working Group on key questions and hot topics
Closing ceremony
(11:00 - 12:00) Mitch Resnick Presentation - translated for Polish Teachers chair: Maciej Syslo  Aula
(12:00 - 13:00) WCCE Closing Ceremony chair: Bernard Cornu  Room A
ND01 (13:30 - 15:00) National Day Workshop 1  Room C
    219 Douglas Bulter (GB): What’s New and Exciting on the Web for Mathematics Teachers
Presenter: Bulter, Douglas
ND02 (13:30 - 14:30) National Day Workshop 3  Computer Lab
    221 Saul Abrahams (CY): Blended English Language Learning for Adult Learners: Increasing Motivation and Learning Gains through a Personalised Learning Experience
Presenter: Abrahams, Saul
ND03 (16:00 - 17:00) NAO Robotics Presentation - D. Derebecki  Room C
ND04 (17:00 - 18:00) National Day Workshop 2  Room C
    220 Maja Czoków (PL), Jarosław Piersa: Rendering of Plots and Graphs in Statistical Package R
Presenter: Czoków, Maja